AIM Rule 26

The following information is disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules (July 2016). These requirements were last reviewed and updated by the company on 26 April 2017.

Description of Business

Redx Pharma was formed in 2010 and is an established drug discovery and development company based at Alderley Park. The Group's work has been endorsed by partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies, and focuses on the development of a broad range of proprietary, small molecule therapeutics to address areas of high unmet medical need.

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Incorporation & Registered Office Redx Pharma Plc is registered in England & Wales number 07368089,
c/o Acceleris Capital, Floor 9 Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester M2 3AW

Iain Ross (Non-Executive Chairman, from 1 May 2017)
Dr Neil Murray (CEO)
Norman Molyneux (Non-Executive Director)
Dr Bernhard Kirschbaum (Non-Executive Director)
David Lawrence (Non-Executive Director)

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Nominated Adviser & Broker
Cantor Fitzgerald Europe
One Churchill Place
London E14 5RB, UK

Joint Broker
WG Partners LLP
85 Gresham Street
London EC2V 7NQ, UK

Corporate Finance Adviser
Acceleris Capital Ltd
Lowry House
17 Marble Street
Manchester M2 3AW, UK

3 Hardman Street
Manchester M3 3HF, UK

Legal Advisers
Covington and Burling LLP
265 Strand
London WC2R 1BH, UK

1 Scott Place
2 Hardman Street
Manchester M3 3AA, UK

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex BN99 6DA, UK

Corporate Governance

The Board seeks to follow best practice in corporate governance appropriate with the size and regulatory framework that applies to AIM companies. The Board reviews and applies the principles and provisions of the 2014 UK Corporate Governance Code ("Code") where it is appropriate to do so to support the governance framework. The main features of the Group's corporate governance arrangements are:

  • The Board of Directors intends to meet 10 times per year for formal Board Meetings. It approves financial statements, dividends and significant changes in accounting practices and key commercial matters, such as decisions to be taken on whether to take forward or to cancel a scientific project. There is a formal schedule of matters reserved for decision by the Board in place.
  • The membership of the different committees has been as below.
  • Changes to these committees will be implemented after the arrival of the new Chairman on 1 May 2017.

Audit Committee
Norman Molyneux
David Lawrence

Remuneration Committee
Frank Armstrong
Norman Molyneux

Nomination Committee
Frank Armstrong
Norman Molyneux

R&D Committee
Frank Armstrong
Bernhard Kirschbaum
Richard Armer *
Nick Adams *
Matilda Bingham *
* Non Board Member

Disclosure Committee
Norman Molyneux
David Lawrence

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Exchanges & Trading Platforms The Company is not listed on any other Exchanges or Trading Platforms.
Shares & Significant Shareholders

Total number of shares issued: 126,477,914
Number of shares (if any) held in treasury: Nil

Shareholders with >3% of total issued:

Name Number of shares Percentage of
issued shares
Seneca Partners 15,792,781 12.49%
Moulton Goodies Ltd 13,643,107 10.79%
Axa Investment Managers 12,417,336 9.82%
Lanstead Capital LP 12,075,000 9.55%
Aviva Plc 10,644,816 8.42%
Graham Edwards 3,999,900 3.16%

Last updated 18/04/17

Shares Not in Public Hands Pursuant to the AIM Rules, and insofar as the Company is aware, as at 26/04/17, 16.5% of the Company's AIM securities were not in public hands.
Share Restrictions There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.
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Takeover Code The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.