Redx Oncology was the first subsidiary formed by parent company Redx Pharma in April 2012. With over 190 people Redx Pharma is now one of the largest R&D pharmaceutical biotech employers in the UK and over 80 of these staff work within Redx Oncology. The company currently has a broad portfolio of novel oncology programs including three nominated development candidates (Btk, SMO, porcupine).

Redx Oncology works on small molecule approaches to cancer medicines with a focus on targeted medicines which will address key areas of unmet need such as pancreatic cancer, as well as developing second generation medicines which will treat emerging resistance to current therapies. The company also has a portfolio of immune-oncologyprograms which look to harness the immune system to fight the cancer. This is an area of cancer research which is showing great promise and is expected to become a key aspect of cancer therapy approaches in the future. The early results with launched antibodies such as the anti-PD-1(Keytruda, Opdivo) and anti-CTLA-4(Yervoy) have created a stir in the cancer research field but much remains to be done in terms of improving response rates so that this approach can benefit a wider patient population. Redx Oncology is working to develop small molecule drugs for use in combination with these antibodies to enhance their efficacy and increase the number of people who respond to treatment.

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Redx Oncology

Address: Block 33
Alderley Park
SK10 4TG

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Phone: 01625 469 900

Alert Symbol iconRedx Oncology has recently moved from Liverpool to Alderley Park, Cheshire. Please note our updated contact details effective from 30 September.

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